Sep 10, 2010

Day Twelve

(I cut my hair yesterday...)

So today I went to the Swedish Consulate and voted, and I felt good about myself, I did what every person in a Democracy has a legal right to do, I casted a vote. I have never missed an election since I turned 18 and been eligable to vote.

I spent the earlier hour with teaching my friend Taylor some basic skills, mostly just skating, but explained a little to her about derby. She is looking amazing, and I am really hoping she is going to try out for GGRD this fall...

I'm totally carb-loading today, and it is yummy... and I might be a little crazy about food... but food is soo good right now... I don't know why I am so hungry, but I am eating and eating...

Workout: Skating Central Park with Taylor
Derby: NO... we have a bout tomorrow and I am ''resting''

Breakfast: Herbalife Vanilla Shake with Mandarin Juice
Lunch: Pasta with olive oil and shrimps... it was AMAZINGLY great
Snack: Pasta Carbonara and a BIG glass of milk
Dinner: Tofu Satay with Peanut sauce, tom yum soup and sticky rice with mango for desert
Pices of chocolate with rasberries

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