Sep 14, 2010

Day Fifteen

(I'm about to lay OMG out, therefore I lick my lips)

After practice I went and hung out with OMG and had a grand ol' beer and talked shit like only we can do, OMG made amazing goodness for me to eat while we waited for Bonnie to coem back from a meeting at the practice space... and then we all talked about roller-derby... what else is there! ??
Workout: 15 push ups and 30 sit ups
Derby: 2 hour leauge practice, with focus on skating backwards, sideways and streching...

Breakfast: 2 egg frittata with mushrooms and potatoes and coffee with whole milk
Lunch: Greek yoghurt with honey and a Weetabix
Snack: Pita Chips... lot's and lots
Dinner: Tacos with vegetarian chorizo chili
Salsa and chips, honeydew melon

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