Sep 9, 2010

Day Eleven

I started the day with a nice outdoor skate with my team-mate Tip-Her Gore, just a mellow skate along the water, in a actually decent NYC weather, not too hot and not to cold... Almost like a Scandinavian summer...

I have started my carbloading for Saturdays game... mmmm...

Workout: General body workout 30 min, skated west side Highway 1 hour
Derby: Travel-team 2 hours

Breakfast: 12 oz Jamba Juice Bright Eye Blueberry with an energy boost
Lunch: 3 Egg omelette with bacon, marinara sauce and some white rice
Snack: Glass of Mandarin Juice, 4 ricecakes
Dinner: Pasta Carbonara (pasta, bacon and an egg yolk)
pita chips and half a package of reeses pieces

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