Sep 2, 2010

Day Four

(Me jamming in Portland, photo by Masonite Burn)

Today I sorted some emails out and ended up spending over 3 hours on Skype with the loved one in Denamrk. I still have not gone out running, it is hard, I really do not like running, and it is sooo hard to motivate yourself to do it... but I am working on it, I am working on it.

I am so excited to be a part of Gothams Allstars, it is such a mellow but hardworking bunch of girls... I love going to practice!

2 hours of Travel Team practice
Workout: 30 min off-skates

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a vanilla herbalife shake with orange juice
Lunch: A dragon roll and a thai iced tea
Cocunut Water and a mango
Dinner: Tuna with some veganaise, mustard and green peas, served with half a serving of couscous.

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