Sep 20, 2010

Day TwentyTwo

(Me when I JUST started derby in November 2007)

It is really funny to see old pictures of me playing derby, and this picture is probably one of the first, this is right when I started Jet City's boot camp... that we named Booty Camp... This is where I learned to skate and when Jet City had try-outs in December 2007 I was picked up by Camaro Harem...
I remember my first scrimmage... and it was nerve-wrecking and I had to jam, and I thought I was gonna die... It was January 10th 2008 (that's my birthday folks)...

Time flies... time flies... who would have known?

My Jet City Booty Camp generated a few real good ladies that are still around, there was my fellow Amazon CheerBleedHer who moved to San Diego, my beloved derbywife Colt 45 who now plays for the HOnkey Tonkey Heartbreakers in Austin, Texas, there was Mona Agony who now is a Rat City Allstar and there was Missus Unshine who is an amazing Jet City Bomber and one of the reasons Jet City are going to Western Regionals this year...

Workout: Walked from TriBeCa to LES and back
50 push-ups and 60 sit-ups and 1 min plank and 30 sec plank each side
Derby: 2 hour of leauge and then 1 hour of travel team

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Lunch: Oh, oh, oh this LUNCH was OUT of HANDS... We just NEVER stopped eating... we went to Clinton Street Baking Co. It was just AMAZING... but I have to admit, I might have over eaten... But if you don't have breakfast and then walk for 30 min, and then there is a 30 min wait... you are bound to eat... aggressively..
So I had the Southern Breakfast, with a buisquit on the side, and then me and Trish shared the banana/walnut pancakes with maple butter... (we did not manage to finish those)
Dinner: Tuna, mushrooms, olive oil, marinara sauce, onion with pasta... homemade by moi...
Snack: 2 bottles of Zinco coconut water...


  1. Just started Jet City booty camp this week. YOu are inspiring! Kick ass at regionals. :) Kelly

  2. Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

  3. Hi there

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work