Sep 6, 2010

Day Six

(I'm helping out reffing Copenhagen and some Crime City Girls)

Skating with a bunch of girl in the sun, there was fall in the air and I could hold my love in her hand... Life was really good... I smiled and I skated in my new blue and yellow skates! It's about time I really break them in....

I also found out that my step Grandpa passed away, it is sad, not unexpected, but that still does not make the sadness any less.

Later we got drunk and played Fisti Cuffs favorite drinking game... it's called the punching game... and you just punch each other... Yepp, I knooow it is completly pointless... and now I have introduced it to Copenhagen... I bet they will thank me... NOT

Workout: REFFING... I was REFFING... and skating... it was fun and mellow for 3-4 hours.
We also did some planks, push-ups and sit-ups

Breakfast: Coffee with milk, greek yoghurt with Muesli and berries
Salad with rice
Dinner:Vegetarian Buffee and probably 8 beers

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