Sep 17, 2010

Day Eighteen

Last travel team practice before regionals, body beat, but I think the protein shakes are gonna work out well for me. My legs seem to get the ''pepp, pepp, pepp'' back... I have a hard time balancing my diet at times... forgetting the recovery protein... NO GOOD!

I love derby, it is the greatest sport that has ever been invented, it is hard work, but I feel like I belong...

40 pushups, 2min wall-sits, 2 min plank some ladder drills... yeah... it was all 30min land-drills
Derby: 2 hours of Allstar-practice

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a Vanilla Herbalife Shake with orange juice
Lunch: Sushi Dragon Roll with Green Apple Bubble Tea
Snack: A tofu/spinace sandwichy thingy and a AppleCider Ginger drink
Dinner: 2 Corn on the cob and some pita chips (seriously, crack it is) and a glass of my favorite beer
Snack: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with orange juice and a Zinco coconut water

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