Sep 3, 2010

Day Five

(me and Jalapeno Business ready to go. photo by Jules Doyle)

I cannot lie, I really love food, food in all sorts, I am always up for eating, and it makes me happy that I do work out as much as I do, so I can eat more freely than someone that doesn't work out...

I really try to avoid fried food, mostly because I don't like the taste of it, and most of it I don't feel the sluggishness of my body that follows it. I am also not that big on chips, I mostly munch on rice-cakes or pita chips when i need something crunchy and salty...

I am also very concerned about under-eating, I see it often in girls that are concerned about their weight, and instead of eating something nutritional, they will hesitate to eat anything... Rather have a little more food and work out a little harder. If your body craves something, give it something. You are not supposed to walk around starving, and if you are starving your body will react to as if you were starving and it will stop burning calories and instead perserve... and you get the opposite effect of what you wanted... NOT so smart!

Workout: 1 hour stroll skating along West Side Highway, 120 sit-ups, 20 squats, 20 push-ups

Breakfast: Coffee with milk, whole wheat bagel with maple and walnut schmeer...
Lunch: Cous-Cous and some tuna
Ginger root drink... yummy, Herbalife vanilla shake with orange juice... YUMMY
Dinner: Hamburger with mushrooms, no cheese, no 'magic' sauce and no fries...


  1. we saw some girls that needed to eat last night---I swear they made me look big!

  2. did you forcefeed them sandwiches??