Sep 8, 2010

Day Ten

I was planning on going rollerskating outdoors really early today, but I was just beat... my entire body is hurting and I really need to get my neck adjusted. Actually today is one of those days I just feel like I should request a new body, but I guess those are not for sale... Bummer... I could have done an investment like this today.

I am a little homesick for good ol' Stockholm today, tomorrow is my best friends birthday, and since my step grandfather just past away, I feel like I should be with my family. I of course also miss my girl in Copenhagen, I woke up this morning to the sweetest text messages ever.

I am not going to practice today, we have a bout on Saturday, and I have to talk myself down from the four days of practice in a row mentality. I want to go, but sometimes I have to say NO, my body needs a little recovery time, so I can get stronger. But I am probably meeting up with Em Dash and Thighs to get some outdoor skating in later tonight...

Workout: I went for a short walk... but nothing big...
Derby: NO... I am saying NO!! (but just for today)

Breakfast: Cacao with milk, three cups
Lunch: Sushi, 8 pieces
Snack: pita chips about 10 pieces
Dinner: Pasta with tuna and marinara sauce
Swedish liquirice that we like to call Turkish Pepper

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