Sep 7, 2010

Day Seven

(Hm, when I said we cooked, I meant Malou cooked and I looked adoringly at her)

Sometimes just spending time with the person you love is awesome, and today was one of those days, we just layed around, went for a walk, made food together and then went for another walk. A bunch of guys felt it was really important to them to call out ''Lesbians, Lesbians'' after us... very mature...

I went for a walk with my hot girl for about and hour... the rest of the day I spent in bed...

Coffee with milk, greek yohurt with muesli and berries
Lunch: 4 Swedish Pancakes with oats served with ice-cream and ruhbarb jam
8 pieces of black salty liqirioce and some roasted corn snacks
Dinner: Shared 16 pieces of mixed sushi with Malou

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