Sep 15, 2010

Day sixteen

(Getting ready for Regionals... )

So today no practice since our beloved captain turned older.... oh she did... and we went of cocktails instead...

Workout: 30 pushups and 60 situps
Derby: Nope, because we have today off...

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with orange juice
Lunch: Tom Yum Soup and Paneng Curry with TOfu
Snack: Pita Chips... lot's and lots (they are like CRACK), a few raw mushrooms and some broccoli
Dinner: Israeli Cous Cous with stirfried broccoli, homegrown tomatoes (courtesy of OMG and Bonnie), zuccini, onion and mushrooms, basil and arugula, just with some olive oil, pepper and salt!
Two yummy drinks, because it is Pie's Birfday!

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