Sep 1, 2010

Day Three

So now it's a little over three months since me and my lady met for the first time, and it has been three amazing months, even if it is hard to be in love with someone that resides thousands of miles away.
We talk over Skype, send love letters (mostly me) and text each other on a daily basis. I am always so taken aback that I have met someone so fun, sweet, attractive, sensative, athletic, funny, handy, intelligent and amazing... that is just as into me as I am into her...
I just wanted to mention that, because she inspires me to be a better person, to work a little harder... oh and because she is currently, yeah CURRENTLY stronger than me... (excuse me, but I am gonna go pump some iron now)

My hip is out of alignment and it pinches a nerve in my back, so it hurts to skate the opposite direction (but who needs to turn right anyway except from Zoolander). But I guess people have worse problems with their bodies than that.

Derby: 40min scrimmage with Manhattan Mayhem
Workout: 20 push ups and 120 sit ups

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and 2% Greek Yogurt with honey and shredded wheat, some Mango slices
Lunch: 2 rice cakes and a mango
pomegranate juice with selzer water
Dinner: ribs and edamame

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