Sep 1, 2010

Day Two

(Hanging out at Rockaway Beach)

Today was a good day, I went to Rockaway Beach with an old friend from High School in Sweden, we got off at the wrong subway stop and ended up going for a 30 min long walk on the boardwalk, it was good times. We played some in the waves, chatted and I got a nice tan... Now it's only 11 days until Manhattan plays Broklyn... so I need to start running... I HATE RUNNING... but it is goooood for me, I have to keep on telling myself that it is good for me!

Derby: Two hours of Manhattan Mayhem Practice
Workout: 20 push ups and 60 situps and a 30 min walk along the beach

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and 2% Greek Yogurt with honey and shredded wheat
Lunch: 2 Chorizo soft tacos at this little local place at Rockaway Beach
Half a mango and some pineapple slices
Dinner: Spare Ribs with some white rice

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