Aug 30, 2010

Day One

(Me and Malooney running practice for Crime City Rollers - Malmö Roller Derby)

My goal is to try to drink more water, maybe to also get out of bed and do 20 push-ups and 120 sit-ups every morning... I think that would be really good for my charachter... and wake me up and get me out and about, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself because my girlfriend is on the other side of the planet. I guess we cannot have everything here in life... but I mean, we might aswell try... right?

Derby: Three hours
Workout: 20 push ups and 120 sit ups

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and Herbalife vitamins and some sweet sticky rice with half a mango
Lunch: Pad Sew Yu that was over from the previous nights dinner
Corn on the Cob with lots and lots of salt
Dinner: TBA