Aug 10, 2010

Da Capo, Da Capo

(Playin on Freemont Street in Vegas with the Bimbos)

I'm making myself do another SIX WEEKS of getting more fit, Eastern Regionals is just around the corner, and I want to be all ready to be on the top of my game for that. The past two weeks I have slacked off a little, not worse than I still play top level derby, but more than I usually let myself.

My girlfriend was here for two weeks and we went to Vegas... we did lots and lots of walking, but I did ignore the gym more than I wish to do, so I'm back on track friends... I am back on track...

RollerCon was fun, I did three scrimmages, hung out by the pool, walked the strip, went to the black and blue ball, made out with my girl, judged the VR Scavanger Hunt, olayed with unicorns, hung out to little with Krissy Krash, had gross greasy drunk food, saw a bunch of other friends,met some puter writers from LDG got a photo of me and the Suzy Hotrod cut-out for the video game , played with Wicked Stickers... yeah, you know the whole deal... Oh and I wore cut-off jeaggins almost every day....

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