Aug 30, 2010

Ok, so here we go again...

(Me with some girls from Copenhagen Roller Derby and Malmo Roller Derby at Copenhagen Pride representing Vagine Regime Nordic)

Hometown Throwdown in Portland was a success and I got to both jam and block, had some penalty problems... I have to clean myself up.. more than a shower will do... So from today I am also starting to work on that... Damn me!
So I went to Denmark and Sweden and then I went camping with Manhattan Mayhem upstate New York... Kayaking was superfun and I now have a blister in my hand... I was really jetlagged so I kept on falling asleep by the campfire... I think it entertained one or two people!
So I have a bout in 11 days and then Regionals in 26 days... So here is my own 26 days of shaping myself up a little more... nudging myself towards the goal I have to be better and better...

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