Sep 15, 2010

Day Seventeen

(my motivation to stay fit and a great derby player; this lady, who would not wanna impress her?? This is at the Black and Bue ball at RollerCon)

Some days I hate jamming, and I guess today was one of those, when you bit your lip not to cry, I guess two hours of practice and then scrimmage is not ideal... But sometimes that might be a reality, two games on a row... and it is just practice... that's all I can think... and then I have to bite hard an push it harder... and legs feel like chewing gum... yeah... I acctually figured I need to really up it on the protein shakes, I think I recover to slow because I stopped drinking my shakes after practice...

And also... if you wanna see real cool jewlery... you should check my team-mates stuff out...

Workout: 40 pushups and 30 situps, 1 min plank
Derby: 2 hour leauge practice and 1 hour scrimmage AllStars vs. Traitors

Breakfast: Coffee with milk... like tow of them
Lunch: Potato hash with basil, tomato mushroms and broccoli, with Arugula-bacon salad
Snack: banana and chocolate milk
Dinner: Spinach pasta with bacon, an egg, and some basil... lots of pepper and salt... YUMMY and real simple...
Snack: A cup of hot chocolate, no sugar

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