Sep 18, 2010

Day Twenty

(Hm... hm... I think the makeup artist was thinking Lady GaGa or something)

Yesterday was a loooooong day... like craaazy loooong... We did a fun event with Etsy, modeling some local designers, ON skates.... and that was fun, even if it was alot of sit around waiting... After that I went to Bark with Lady Fingers and had some veggie hotdogs. After some beer and a good amount of talking we went into Babeland for a hot min, without making to much fools of ourselves, and then we headed to Snap and Hambones housewarming party.
Fisti was as always feisty and wanted to play hte punching game, but before that happened, I think we watched every game the Allstars played this seson. Yeah... and then I think I might have drank a bunch of beer, while doing it.... MmmMMmmmm...
After having some drunkan strategy conversations and watched Fisti get hit by a very big guy and feeding lots af scraps into a fire I got a ride to the subway and could start trekking towards TriBeCa... home sweet home...
BUT at home roomie was DRUNKER than me, together with a friend... and could not find her glasses, she did find her glasses, she fled the scene and I passed out...

Workout: A one hour walk
Derby: HA ha ha ha... I did a 15 min fashion show on skates... is that derby?

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a Bagel with strawberry cream cheese
Lunch: 2 veggie dogs at Bark and two beers
Snack: A bunch chips with salsa
Dinner: A small hamburger from a happy cow and a spicy sausage, a glass of sangria and probably about 6-7 beers
Snack: two of Ginger Snaps homemade bacon cupcakes with some amazing frosting

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