Sep 7, 2010

Day Eight

(it's for her and myself I will get more fit, i have to beat her in wrestling)

Manhattan Mayhem scrimmage against Queens went very well, I jammed some and blocked some, in the end I was in four jams in a row and ended up putting myself in the box. Not cool, I am working hard to get my penalties under control. It is so imortant to play clean, you are not helping your team at all if you are sitting in the box, or if you are at three minors, when your team really needs you to jam. So I really have to get out of the habit of being OK with cutting hte track minors, because they DO acumilate, and all of a sudden I'm that DAMNED jammer who cannot jam or has to poodle, not good!
Considering I spent nine hours on a flight I thought I did a really good job, I for sure have my feet under me, and so does my team seem to have. There are only five days to our bout against Brooklyn, and I feel really confident. I love Manhattan Mayhem, there is so much spirit and laughing... and of course the orange...

But... OHHH... what undies to wear... what undies to wear.... (boutfit anxiety)

Workout: Off-skates work-out for 30 min
Derby: 30 min scrimmage with Manhattan Mayhem and then 45 min practice with the Allstars

Coffee with milk, Greek yohurt with muesli and berries
Lunch: Sandwich with cheese
A tin of tuna with green peas, veganaise and mustard
Dinner: A ''crazy roll'' of sushi
A fruit, 15 saltines and a glass of wine before bed

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