Sep 23, 2010

Day TwentyFour

(Resting while teaching Taylor mad skating skills)
So tomorrow and then R-day, as in Regionals... Ah, dear friends and random people that read this blog, this is my second Regionals, and I am not as nervous this year, I have worked really hard and developed as a skater. But so has everyone else too... And I like that, I actually love that about derby, that each season something brand new comes up... we play a sport that is developing increadably fast, and it is really exciting!

Workout: Went skating with Taylor, about 4o min trailskating and then I taught her a bunch of drills, for about and hour.
And i did 30 push ups all in a row... and 100 situps and 2x1min planks
Derby: Last practice before Regionals

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a protein shake with Orange juice
Lunch: Udon Noodles with Tempura
Snack: A tiny bag of Skittles and some crackers from Trader Joes
Dinner: Pasta with green peas and tuna
Snack: 2 bottles of Zico coconut water

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