Jun 21, 2010

Day Thirteen

(New York, New York, today I hid in my home)

Today was my: sleep as long as I want and then read a book, take a shower, chat online, play with my toes, talk about derby online, watch a boutcast, read some more book, make food, skype for 3 hours and think about derby some more, sort of day....

I have been feeling a little crappy for about a week, and I figured that it might be a little lack of sleep and heat in combination... so I stayed out of the heat and really rested, and I am really feeling much better... Maybe i should have gone to some yoga, but I guess I should not overdo it, or people might start to think I am a hippie...

Work out:
60 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and 40 back-lifts 3min wall-sit (better than nothing, right?? )
Derby: This is a NON-DERBY day (YEAH I KOW, I have THREE of them, and I can't wait for tomorrow)

Breakfast: 2 large coffee with milk, Herbalife Vanilla with Orange Juice
Snack: A handful of nuts and Greek Yoghurt with some Queensberry Jam and a Wetabix
2 whole wheat wraps that i filled with an avocado, romaine salad, 5 small tomatoes, halloumi cheese (you can fry it in a pan and it is delish), pepper and salt
Half a cup of Ben and Jerry Chocolate IceCream (a piece of heaven jumping into my mouth)
Miso soup, an Alaska Roll and some green tea... I was so increadably lazy that i had this deliverd to my house.

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