Jun 11, 2010

Day Four

It is the day before the bout, and being sick yesterday was probably not the best way of getting prepared, so today I have to concentrate on hydrating, hydrating, HYDRATING! I still felt shitty, so I just kept on trying to figure out what I could eat without getting ill again. ..

Work out:
The only workout I will do today is going to Five Stride Skateshop and pull my bearings!
And then I ended up going for a three mile walk, but that is just normal in NYC, even if I was a little tempted to take the subway...

Derby: NONE - we have a game tomorrow, playing Bronx

Breakfast: Watermelon with a dollop of Greek Yoghurt and coffee with milk
Yummy Berry Beverage from Herbalife
AppleCinnamon prezel from Jamba Juice and a freshly pressed carrot juice, Plantaine Chips and a coke(I know this is not the best food, but a girl gotta splurge, and today I need to make up for not really being able to eat yesterday)
watermelon with yohurt
Dinner: I went all out in carb-loading, five small pices of calimari and then ravioli with ricotta cheese and marinara sauce. Yummy, after this meal I finally started to feel sort of normal again...

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