Jun 16, 2010

Day Eleven

(nailpolish is called CLAM BAKE)
This morning me and my hurting hand mounted OMG's bike, that my household is currently holding hostage, and 30 minutes later I had made it past all those crazy obstecles that there can be on a 5 mile ride to get to a friends house to watch football..... and then after the Serbia vs. Germany game I did it again, still terrified, to get home!

The night I ended up spending with two teammates drinking wine and talking about life, it was really, really AWESOME! We were siting in her small courtyard, and her neighbour came out yelling at us, he told us very relevant things like; he had been 20 (!) years old like us, he had underwear that were older than us and that his apartment was rent-controlled... we just nodded in sympathy and kept on drinking red wine!

Work out: Biking 10miles
Derby: This is a NON-DERBY day

Breakfast: Ginger tea with honey, sooo sooothing and a wholewheat bagel with dried tomtatos cream cheese.
Herbalife Vanilla with Orange Juice
Fresh Ravioli with Tomato Sauce
3 Guinness at the Half King (my excuse is that it is Friday)
Hot Sausage and Potato Salad, it was real delish with two glasses of red wine
Snack: And then I ended the night with a slice of pizza, a bottle of coconut water and a bottle of red wine....

...welcome dear weekend...

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