Jun 21, 2010

Day Fifteen

(Waiting for the subway after practice)

I was gonna go for a run today, but then my dear captains informed me that we were doing endurance today, so instead I threw myself on the floor and did 30 push ups and 80 sit ups...

Work out:
50 push ups and 80 sit ups... we also started practice with 10 min running
Derby: Manhattan Team practice - Baby... this is my favorite... FORM on skates... blahhhh... stride, stride, stride... stride, stride, stride....

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 chicken sausage, olive oil, marinara sauce and half a package of Haulloumi, green string beans and asparagus... I took all this and made it into a frittatta.... (yeah same as last nights dinner)
Snack: Jug of green tea and a big jug of black tea with milk and honey (I was skyping and trying to hydrate at the same time) 2 pieces of ginger candy
Piece of salmon, 1/4 cup rice all mixed together in a pan with soy sauce and some heat... and I served it on top of half a mango and half an avocado... ah life is SWEET sometimes...
Herbalife Vanilla Shake with Orange Juice
6 pieces of avaocado/cucumber sushi, 5 vegatable dumplings and a small amount of tofu green curry with 1/2 cup of rice

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