Jun 21, 2010

Day Sixteen

(today just like the other days the train came in late)

Today I got my ECE bikini, not that I will wear it around that much, but I have one... I matched it to my obnoxious boardshorts that I most likley will be wearing... Oh yeah, you girls will see... you will see... did I mention I hate wearing a bikini??

Work out:
20 push-ups, 50 sit ups (ECE is only two days away, will my sixpack show till then?)
Derby: Leuge Practice 2 hours lead by our favorite Gotham Baked Goods: Sweet Sherry Pie and Kandy Kakes, and they are teaching us the pivotal of pivoting... more than just a pretty hat...
Travel Team Practice 1 hour - 2 days and ECE is here!
So that is 3 hours of practice my friends...

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and half a mango
TomYum Seafood Soup with 1/4 cup of rice
A Cinamon Crumpet and two glasses of Carrot Juice
BBQ Salmon, with steamed vegbles and roasted potatoes
Snack: Peanutbutter 2tbs with honey 2tbs (a naturally awesome candy) and Herbalife Vanilla Shake mixed with Orange Juice
Dinner number 2:
I got home and I was crazy hungry, so I had half of my curry vegble left-overs from yesterday...

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