Jun 8, 2010

Day One

(this is me today)

So yesterday Krissy Krash told me I should do her 7 week challange, and I have a very hard time saying no... So here I am...
It was at a very good time, since I already had decided that I have to get into better jammer shape, not that I am out of shape or anything, I just don't think my endurance is up to paar with how I want it to be...
The struggle for me is always to figure out how to get lighter without loosing muscles, because I would be a better jammer with some less bulk, but I am primary a blocker, so I don't want to loose the edge that my weight does give me... Since I now skate for Gotham I have to up my game more and more, since those fine ladies are ON it, and if I am not on it, I am a burden to both my home team and the travel team. I got MVP in the last game, but that only means that I did a fine job in that game, and now I have to make sure I do an even better job in the upcoming games.

I know I do a couple of things wrong, I know I drink to much coffee and that I should hydrate better, I know I probably drink too much beer and I know that I hate running! I do still thing that running is a part of how I will become a better derby player... so let's go for it!

My current weight according to my crappy IKEA scale is 169 lbs, it is what I usually weigh, and I don't mind it, I just want my legs to be less pudgy, I want my arms more toned and firm, and why not a complete sixpak?? Is that to much to ask for??

Work out:
I ran for 20 min along the West Side Highway and then did shoulders, biceps, triceps, pecs, 60 various sit-ups and 20 push-ups

Today was the last practice before out Bronx game, so what we did has to remain a secret to the world. But it went on for 2hours, and I broke a sweat...

Breakfast: Multigrain wrap with tuna, sprouts, veganaise, mango, mixed sallad and WF Salsa Verde and coffe with milk
Snack: Chocolate Herbalife shake with 1% milk and coffee
Lunch: Multigrain wrap with grounded chicken, sprouts, veganaise, mixed sallad and WF Salsa Verde
Snack: Ginger Beer (I LOVE those things)
Chocolate Herbalife shake with 1% milk, a mango and a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE

And lot's and lot's of water with an Aloe Vera supplement...

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