Jun 21, 2010

Day Fourteen - Five more weeks to go

(Ahhh... one scrimmage down, one more to go)

Today was a good day, I realized that my arms are starting to look real cut, not like Suzy Hotrod yet, but maybe I have a chance to arm-her-off at Nationals...

I also go my Gotham Allstar shirts today, and putting it on was sort of a moment... I was sort of
''PINCH ME, am I REALLY a part of Gotham Allstars'' I know I deserve it and that i have worked really hard to get here, but at the same time I must admit it is sort of surreal... Now I just have to stay real and do all those things I know I can do...
Ah, isn't derby the best thing on earth?

Work out:
30 min upper-body and core excercises, I actually did 120 sit-ups... HELLOOOoooo sixpack... come visit me sooon... maybe this weekend at ECE??
Derby: Big Scrimmage day:
Mayhem vs. Brooklyn Bombshell 40 min (we had very few Mayhem girls on skates today, so we gotta borrow some Gridlock babes... yayaaaa)
Allstars vs. Bronx Gridlock 40 min
Yaya for scrimmage - it is fun and I love playing with my teams... almost the last practice before ECE... ah....ECE

Breakfast: Coffee with milk... chilled and mixed into a Herbalife Chocolate Shake...
Whole wheat tortilla wrap with Salmon, romaine salad, wasabi, ginger dressing, and 1/4 cup of rice.
1/2 Avocado, 1/2 mango, 1/2 cucumber all chopped up and seasoned with a tiny bit balsamic vingear, olive oil, salt and pepper... YUMMY and a Herbalife Vanilla Shake with orange juice (this is my pre-practice snack, so it is more like a smaller dinner)
2 eggs, 1 chicken sausage, olive oil, marinara sauce and half a package of Haulloumi, green string beans and asparagus... I took all this and made it into a frittatta....
Snack: Wild Berry Herbalife protein Beverage

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