Jun 9, 2010

Day Two

I woke up this morning being really, REALLY sore, both from Monday and Tuesdays practice, I am hoping I can make it through two more days of practice and still be fit for the bout. I just cant be away from anymore travel-team practices this close to ECE.

I think I am skipping the running today, my legs need to rest until tonights practice, I do have a BOUT this weekend, and I wanna be ready for that!

BUT to start running I got new running shoes, and I had the worst experiance EVER at Footlocker. The first thing the guy tells me is that I have water in my kneew and that I need to drain it! I am like
''NO MISTER, I do NOT have water in my knees, I just happen to play derby, and I am tall, girls like to LOW BLOCK me! The are just a little swollen.''
Then the darn guy starts to tell me ALL about this Swedish girl he once dated (do I look like I care??) while making me try on shoes that were the opposite of what I have asked for.

UGH, finally I had to walk the boy over to the shelf of shoes I wanted, point at them and say...
''THIS IS THE KIND I WANT! LOOK! they are solid, have good shock absorbation, versitle and EXACTLY what I am asking for. I don't care that they are not super cool looking, I care more that I can EXERCISE in them.''
His response...
''Eh, miss what color do you want them in?''
I told him I didn't care as long as they came in my size! And they did, so now at least I have new running/training shoes...

Work out:
60 sit-ups, 20 push-ups

Derby: 2 hour league practice and 1 hour travel team
(that makes it three hours, I know, I am a math genious)

Breakfast: Chocolate Herbalife shake with 1% milk and coffee
Snack: Apple (oh Pink Lady I love you soooo)
Multigrain wrap with tuna, sprouts, veganaise, mixed sallad and WF Salsa Verde
Snack: ginger beer
Miso Soup, Avocado/Salmon Roll, Hamachi piece, 2 pieces of ginger candy and a handful of Yoghurt raisins (natural sweetened)
A beer and a shot after practice (this is NOT recommended)
Dinner: Homemade frittata with vegbles

Morning weight:
168 lbs

Today I also when to my Chiro, since I like so many other derby girls have slightly disaligned hips.... ahhh...

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