Jun 16, 2010

Day Twelve

(OMG and Bonnie are giving the derby world a deep thought in their store)

I woke up on Roxys couch and she took me for bagels, it was amazing and made me happy and then I headed to Astoria to meet up with Bunny, Fisti and their males to watch A-Team. It was great going to the movies, the heat in NYC i killing me, I don't deal very well with heat, and I feel like I should be outside, but everytime I go outside I wish I were either on the beach or somewhere dark and colder... I might be a vampire...

After the movie ended and I once again had to face the brightness of the day, I was taken to Five Stride Skateshop, that is run and owned by Bonnie Thunders and OMG... we had food on their floor and talked about derby until I fell asleep... (really, I did fall asleep on the floor, it was funny)

Work out:
Well, I did walk 20 blocks... does that count??


Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel with Maple, Raisin and Walnut Cream Cheese with a small freshly pressed grapefruit juice... this tasted like heaven and I finished it up with a cup of coffee
Lunch: Chicken Burrito with extra Guacomole
Snack: Prezels... Yummy pretzels... a few of those (the hard kind, not the soft and happy kind) Fisti did not know how I managed to cram those things into my belly after the lunch... I guess I have secret pockets for food... (I call them love handles)
Dinner: Mussles in butter, wine, cream and all amazing things you can find at Flex Mussels with two glasses of wine and DESSERT... I had some amazing delisousness for dessert and it made me really happy...

And after dinner I went home and slept for at least 13 hours... sleeping is sometimes amazing and sometimes you forget how much better you feel after you really got some amazing rest!

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