Jun 21, 2010

Day TwentyTwo

Back in SWEDEN!! Jet lagged from hell, as always when I come home, it is early but body feel like it is late, i want to sleep, yet I want to stay awake. It is really nice weather and I am just enjoying Stockholm... I still have no voice from the ECE weekend...

Work out:
40 push-ups and 100 sit ups and 30 min brisk walk

Derby: Leading Stockholm Roller Derby practice during two hours... and then I skated downtown for a little bit

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a whole wheat yummy Swedish Sandwich with ham and cheese on it... MmmMmmmm
Ginger candies... a whole bunch... I am overloading on sugar and need to be stopped...
Shrimp and Avocado salad dusted with some olive oil with tea and honey
Herbalife Vanilla Shake
White Farmers Beans with Balsamic and Olive Oil....
Snack: Swedish bread, with fruits and nuts in it... about half a loaf... oh, ohhh.... so bad but sooo good...

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