Jun 15, 2010

Day Seven

Time to get back on the horse, since i was a complete failure yesterday and just sat felt hungover and munched on salad from Whole Foods, I guess today was a good day to start over. I already know that blushed wine is not a rehydrator, still it seemed to be the perfect beverage for after the bout, nobody is perfect. I will just say that my Captain made me do it! Would you dare to say ''NO'' to Fisti Cuffs??
Yesterday morning I might have said the usual ''I WILL NEVER DRINK AGAIN'' that we all know is bullcrap, but I can assure you that I will probably not drink until after ECE, and that is two weeks away.
Maybe a Guinness and maybe a great glass of wine (not blushed) this weekend... depending on what turn the weekend takes.

Work out: 40 min yoga, 40 min circuit training, 30 min upper-body and hamstring

Derby: Only skated for about 30 min today, mostly endurance...

Breakfast: Berry Beverage from Herbalife and a BrightEye Blueberry Smoothie from Jamba Juice... 16oz
Hamburger with mushrooms and three slices of bacon with sallad, no dressing, I am not a big fan of dressing.
Snack: 10 Brazil nuts, 10 Cherries and real big jug of Brittish black tea mixed with milk and honey...
Dinner: Herbalife Chocolate Shake with extra coco powdwe, I like really dark and rich chocolate.

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