Jun 10, 2010

Day Three

Motivation for life is sometimes low, and yesterday was for sure one of those days, I know I have no reason whatsover to feel down, I still do. After practice I went out with my captain and friend for a beer, and while talking I realized two things.

- I probably am a little edgy because we have a game coming up on Saturday
- I am a little homesick for Sweden

It was a really good talk, we watched hockey, and that has been forever, and had a beer and a shot on the house. Not to bad of a way to end practice that almost made me cry...

F*** I am feeling really shitty! It is the worst day ever to get sick on! I threw up after lunch and could't really eat anything after that. So I just tried to eat anything that I could put into my body, probably not hte most healthy, but better than nothing.

Work out:
60 sit-ups, 20 hamstring bridges, 20 acl-dips, 20 squats and some fast feet work
Still sore from Monday and feeling like shit, I don't thing that working out will make me feel any better

Derby: 2 hour travel team practice

Breakfast: Chocolate Herbalife Shake with 1% milk and coffee
Chipotle Burrito Bowl and an Arnold Palmer
1/2 water melon with 2% greek yoghurt (I love this shit)
Broth with some pasta, a small scoop of Ben&Jerrys chocolate ice-cream
Dinner: Half a watermelon, hot chocolate, 5 ginger candies

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