Jun 16, 2010

Day Nine

Here is a write-up from our last game

Some days are just harder than others, and then you have to bite the sour apple and plow yourself through. Today I woke up and my lungs were just feeling like they were about to kill me, they just did respond very well to breathing. But I guess breathing is just secondary in some cases. I promised a friend to meet her at the Riverbank Rink later today, and I just don't think that is going to happen. I have league practice later today and I am really behind in my writing assignments... Today is a day that will be spent in front of the computer... breathing in and out... in and out... drinking tea with honey and stuffing myself with the usual vitamins that Krissy Krash provides me with via Herbalife. I really love this vitamin cocktail... it get's me well sooo much faster!

Derby: 2 hour of league practice and 1 hour of travel team, I had a good practice, except from when I went down and had to chill with the frozen vegtebles for a bit...

Breakfast: Half a melon with 2% Greek Yoghurt, Coffee with milk and a big jug of tea with milk and honey
Snack: Half a Cup of roasted Chickpeas and a Herbalife Vanilla Shake with orange juice
Lunch: Tuna with green peas and linguini with a big jug of tea with milk and honey
Snack: 10 Brazil nuts, some youghurt covered raisins
Dinner: 2% Greek Yoghurt with honey and a Wetabix.
Half a Cup of roasted Chickpeas

Weight: 168lbs

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