Sep 1, 2012

Skating vs Team USA

I tell everyone not to be nervous, even thou my nervousness almost have gotten into an interesting state of flu-like symptoms.
I have to say that life with derby is amazing, I love it. Pressure is a part of it, pressure on a lot of different levels - to be a great coach, hold practices that cater to everyone's needs and wishes, that makes people smile, te pressure to keep your own set of skills and happiness, even if half of the practices you go to are practices when you aren't really skating yourself, just coaching. The pressure to don't do things wrong, to keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face even of your real life (ha ha ha, what is that btw) is falling apart and all you wanna do is lay down and cry.
So the sum of the cardamom (Swedish expression) is that there is lots of different points of pressure to derby, but the love for the sport makes the pressure feel less like pressure and more like either something I do becuse I wanna get better, because I want others to get better and also because we can all be a part of developing this amazing sport! Ahhhhhhmazing is what it is!

So here we are today, just a few hours away from skating a bout that we have pretty much NO chance of winning - but to score is our goal, to fight as hard as we can as a team. We are a team of Viking fighters, of girls that have worked hard to develop derby to what it is today in Sweden.
I am impressed by each and everyone that are on the team today - because of their dedication and their level of play. We only have time against us... But one day - one day...

I am ranting - did I mention that I rant when I'm nervous?

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