Sep 22, 2012

Early Saturday workout and now Fundraiser

I'm tired and we stayed up almost all night to watch Western Regionals. So manu of my friends play in the west. There were more competitive bouts than during Northern Regionals - and Rat City vs Bay Area was a nailbiter and also Rocky vs. Oly was a competitive bout. I also enjoyed watching Angel City stepping it up against Rosé City and playing a bout that was much more competitive than I had expected. Ahhhhe... Rollerderby... So great and amazing.... But after a mere four hours of sleep I got out of bed to enjoy some cross training and a wee bit running, i found some stairs i for want to revisit. I'm once again all about the 100 push-ups challenge... The rest of the league is into a plank challenge. I guess if there isn't an app for it, I'm not game (the problem of modern society)
So now I'm soon off to put found raiser at Kafe 44 - to hang out with amazing people and help working, until Oly plays Rose - because I wanna be close to a computer for that...

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