Sep 29, 2012

Waking up in Finland

Kate Perry sings about waking up in Vegas and shaking the glitter out of your clothes. Waking up in Finland - no glitte to shake off yet - I do have it in my make-up bag.

We took the boat over, so I really fell asleep out on open water and woke up in Turku, Finland. But before falling asleep, we were dining in the Buffet and singing karaoke... Amy sang "I kissed a girl" while four or five of us where supportive dancers... I think we might REALLY have shocked the rest of the people at the bar.

We like to call the boats that go between Finland and Sweden "the Fuckboat" and they are cheap and usually people are really drunk. Since our reason for going to Finland is to play a bout (well, not me, I'm running line-ups) no one was drunk and we all went to bed early... Yeah... Exciting life of rock stars like us!
Today is quite a bout day in the Scandinavia (yes I know that Finland is not a part, but if everyone else does include I will too) Stockholm B-team is playing in Tampere, that's where I'm heading right now in Flukes fast car, an Gothenburg is playing Nidaros (Norway) while Crime City B-team in Malmö are hosting Oslo and Helsinki B-team... Exciting day for Nordic derby!

Can't wait for tonight! It's gonna be exciting!

Waiting for the boat to leave Sweden
Kahavi (coffee in Finnish)
Hm, this was found on the boat
Fluke by his sweet ride we took to Tampere

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