Sep 19, 2012

Practice with Pain again

I know, I say it over and over again, it's fall, I am cold, my bed feel empty, I cuddle by myself and I have a cold creeping into my life. I long for a warmth that isn't here, and ginger, garlic and lemon just isn't helping.

I have a muscle knot in my back, and turning my head makes pain shoot down the spine, makes me shiver and makes me feel even sicker. My throat is sore, and the sun is gone, it's cold, sweaters, pants, jackets and warm socks required... I wanna be home - wrapped up on my couch, but soon I'm on my way to practice, soon I will be warming up my stiff body, running, jumping and breathing the air of the summer that is gone, neglecting the pain until it's there no more pain and only joy left.

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