Sep 9, 2012

Going South for the weekend

So this weekend I decided to go to Malmö and pay my old leauge a visit, and it was a good trip. They had an intraleauge bout: Lammkött vs. Pantertanter (Lambmeat vs. Golden Girls) So if you were 29 or over you were deemed to be a Pantertant and  if you were younger you were a Lambmeat.
The bout was very close and it made it quite exciting to watch, Team Sweden skaters Evil Eye, Ninja and Ankefar were Oldies while Curly, Alotta and Fenix were all Lambchops... yum yum...  I know I have said this before, but I probably will again, and again... I am so proud and wexcited about how far Swedish rollerderby have gotten, how much we are pushing ourselves, how hard we all work to make it better. I am proud of each and everyone that are involved in derby!
I sat next to Fluke and we had smuggled a beer in, so we could drink and watch a bout... I can't even remember last time I just went and watched a bout without NO responsibility surrounding the event. It was quite AMAZING!

Pantertanter warming up
Objects might apper closer, it still is almost 6 ours between Malmö and Stockholm
Aloha and Ankefarfar (Ankan wins best outfit)
Lammkött warming up

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