Sep 21, 2012

Morgonstund har guld i mun

Jomenvisst så att... (took a while for brain to get back into English)

Its morning and I did NOT wanna get out of bed, I do not wanna go to work, still I'm sitting on the bus on my way.

I'm trying to be a little of a daredevil - I am trying a different bus, it's not working out very well, I'm already 10 min late for work.

The air is crisp, it smells like fall, the sun is shining but the heat is long gone its a weak copy of its summer self.

The bus takes another turn I did not expect and I'm wondering if it ever will take me to the place I'm going. I already stopped caring, it's not important anymore, because I know I'll get there late already, and there is no faster way to get there. Why worry?

I've decided to start writing again, me and a friend are going to give each other home works, and write... I am excited...

Place where I wait for the bus

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