Sep 24, 2012

So tired

It is like I never get enough sleep - my body is tired, my brain spins on and on about nothing and I just feel like I have no energy at all! I run between home, work and practice - and the times of that emptiness surrounds me on the subway. I travel in the midst of hundreds and still so alone.
I try to figure out time for food, but I breathe something in between expectations and commitments.

I long to skate but my body tells me to get the fuck to bed, or just go have a beer and stare at abad TV-show. Oh, how that sounds good... Ah, how that sounds luring...

Just cuddling on the couch, wrapped up in blankets, wrapped up in the thoughtlessness of nothingness and with a cup of hot chocolate while the world outside changes colours and becomes first so bright and then so naked. I just lay there, wrapped up around you and dream because its all a dream.

Instead I'm stuck on the train with a faint feeling of maybe becoming sick but probably not because the word rest is not recognised...

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