Sep 25, 2012

And practice was FUN

Yesterday night i ran practice, as usual when i ran practice we did tons of skills and basics, those you can never have to many of, being able to our skate people is never something bad. And then I sort of held one of those "mixed bag of tricks" practices. A little of everything and just adding something extra to drills that we already know - but this time we will do them with a twist.
Somethings were really hard, and we all struggled to get it even close to what it was supposed to be like, but without struggle, success will never be valued.
I came to practice in a shitty mood, I planned it on the bus feeling stressed and like I was getting ill, but after practice I felt really accomplished. And it was one of those practices that I was running, but I still gotta skate a lot in it... Thanks to sloppy helping out with the whistle.
Just three more weeks at our current practice space... And then we are homeless, once again!

Heeey all of you! 

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