Sep 15, 2012

Friday night... And Saturday morning...

Vegan-lasagna and and WFTDA Northern Regionals, it is all you need on a Friday night. I know I'm a derby nerd - and I guess it's OK.

I'm also sort of putting my apartment all together, making it my own little home and not the Swoony home anymore...

I just slept the first night in my new bed, and it was real comfortable, I just need to get one of those thinner mattresses for it, to make it just a tad softer. I slept in today, and I am spending most of the day by myself - because I really need some alone time at the moment. My life has twisted and changed, and I am still catching my breath.

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  1. Jag har ocksa suttit uppe och kollat, Arch Rival - Ohio var ju sjukt bra!