Sep 17, 2012

Sometimes everything just makes you laugh!

Practice today was stellar - I was sooo tired going there after staying up late all weekend watching Northern Regionals (congrats to Windy for the win).
I totally was having a blast bouncing around on my skates and just being silly... Ahhh... I love moving my body, it makes me the happiest girl in the world! And I love the Stockholm skaters, all do hardworking and positive - forward, forward never straight... And pushing each other -we will get better - all of us! So after practice lots of us piled on the bus, and realized that we could use it to stretch on. We are still practicing outdoors and probably will until end of October... So it's becoming too chilly to stay and stretch there.
Firebird just moved here from CCR and was feeding me raisins - that is sugar - sugar makes me hyper... When I'm hyper I'm all over the place... I was all over the place! I love rollerderby and the people in it!!

WOW - the STRD version of a boyband... may I present Mary, RudeAss, Amy, Misfith and Firebird...
Monkeys streching on the bus
Okey everyone hurry to the bus...
Mary was screaming LESBIAN RODEO... People were impressed

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