Aug 29, 2012

Night out with Fisti and hot laaadies...

I miss skating with Fisti soooo much,  but she is not only an AMAZING skater but a freakign funny and hillerious person, and we both share the attentionspan of a five year old, so we have about as much fun as five year olds in a playground together. Usually people don't give five year olds alcohol... but we just treat ourselves, because that is just the kind of people we are.
I had Kim, Only and Becky over for dinner - and right when we had finished dinner Amy came with Swedish cinnamon buns... the plan was to go to a bar and have a few after dinner. Since we aer not so much on point we left the house hours after we planned, but still found a great place to have drinks and Amy could sing along and dance to various music...

Today Fisti is running our practice, and that will be supernice, to have someone different, and that isn't me to run practice... yay... and Fisit really is one of my favorite skaters, so I am totally looking forward to it... LOVE rollerderby!

Fisti makes awesome rings, now we all have one!
Vampires and great drinks - night and alcohol
Amy is sharing her hair with Only
Fireball - a very stupid idea I totally blame on Kim
After dinner you instagram about it
Heading to Södermalm after dinner
Fisti and Kim are VERY goodlooking

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