Aug 20, 2012

Bonding with the small members of the family...

It happens at times that people take me for a boy, and I must say, I might not dress the most feminie and I'm more athletic than curvy. Being six feet tall (about 180 cm) probably has something to do with it too.  But it happens very sledom and most of the time it's manifested in some strager saying ''excuse me sir''.

The other day I went over to my dad's and I was teaching my six year old sister how to rollerskate. All of a sudden she looks up at me and says:
"Are you a girl?"
A little taken aback by the question, I nod laugh a little and say.
"Yes, of course I am a girl, I am your sister"
My sister looks at me, wobbeling on her skates, just to fire off the next question.
"Are you in love with a boy?" (I am very out to my family, and they have all met my ex on several occations)
Even more flustered I have to tell her "No" after I have answered her, she looks at me, nods, and then she announces.
"I am not in love with a boy"

Well, I am happy we established that, I am not a boy and I am not in love with a boy, and I guess I should be happy that my six year old sister is not in love with anyone (at least not a boy).

So many questions
Does this make me look like a boy... 

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