Aug 7, 2012

Forward, forward, forward

Live to forgive but never to forget, living life in the fast lane, is this who I am? It might be a part of me, and I am very happy to let it be a part of me. I am no longer young nor am I old, I'm at that age where I think I am happy to be. Can I stay here? Frozen in a motion, rage in a hillerious dress and with a mission to push the envelope of life? Do I wanna stay here? Do I?

I don't want to be frozen in a motion, I want to finish my stride, I want to continue out of the picture, I want to reach new goals that I am to set for myself.

Recently becomming single has left me with a feeling of emptiness, after two years of intense company I'm like a little kid left in a candystore. There are all those delicious things around me, but at the same time it's scary and lonly and I miss that hand I'm so used to be holding.

 Bittersweet.... i do like sour and sweet candy... is there any correalation?

 I guess I will just start snacking on some candy, fall off some more bars, get some bruises, cry some more and go on more spontanious trips...

 A friend just texted and asked me: Berlin?
And I answered: When?

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  1. Sounds like we may be standing at similar crossroads! This was beautifully written, Swede. Lots of love and besos!