Aug 22, 2012

Non-derby and derby life and the interaction

The past five years Rollerderby been very prominent in my life - I love it. I work very hard for the sport, with my team-mates and with the coaching and the administration of my current leauge. I consider it worth it, sometimes I do have to take time off... This time it's been time off because I fell off a bardisk that I was dancing on and quite seriously banged up my paw... I still taped it up real good and played a bout on it... Because I am crazy and I tend to think I'm bionic or something like that... But due to the paw, I've spent more time off-skate than I usually do... And this time I spend swimming, I spend boating, seeing my brother and actually just thinking...
I love derby, and sometimes it does feel like I'm ready to retire - I'm just pass the time when lots of girls do hang their skates up, but I'm not ready for it yet... I still have more skating and derby in me...
So therefore I will finally go see a doc with my leg... Since my team and other important people have said so... Even if I still think I'm bionic...

Late nights waitign for the subway to come
Eating with my brother
Walking to and from work
Sitting on the subway from work
Historical guided tours with my brother
The Swedish Castle in Old >Town of Stockholm
Drinking dessert - Boons Kriek in Belgian style
Leg being majorly fucked up
Janica laughing after going swimming
My father and his boat - with the City building in the background

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  1. Of course "retiring" can be a matter of degree: you could "retire" from skating, but still be an awesome coach and admin (or NSO!). The beauty of the roller derby community is that there are plenty of ways to be a part of things without putting on skates.