Aug 22, 2012

Ok, I guess I am bionic

Knock, knock on wood... since a wonderful friend of mine pretty much found me the number to the doctor, I took my poor throbbing leg to the doctor... just for the first doctor to tell me that I had to open it up and empty it of fluids, but he wanted a second opinion by an older doctor, and she thought that they shouldn't do it, because it was so close to teh bone. So they sent me off to the big hospital, so I took the subway to the big hospital and got to limp in the ER entrance with a pieve of paper sayin that I needed help.
 At the big hospital I got to wait for hours and hours while an older butch nurse took my blood pressure and chatted, a younger male nurse pricked me in the finger to draw blood and look for infections in the blood... and then another doctor appeared just to squeeze my leg a little, telling me that I had no infections, and I would get better, and no need to put a knife in me... but not to do things that hurt, together we decided agains X-rays since it would hurt more if I had a fracture...

And then I could go to work... 

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