Aug 26, 2012

Mushroom picking a' la Swede, Kim and Only

So in Sweden we go into the woods and pick mushrooms - usually you spend a day during the weekend doing that. Since my weekends are CRAMMED the next few weeks, and by the time I have a weekend free - the mushrooms will be gone, I rallied the troops after work on Friday evening and took the subway line to the ends statuon (to Akalla if anyone was wondering). Kim had brought us beers, so we wold not get thirsty in the woods, it's very important to bring the right things.
Kim had a been told by someone at work that there would be mushrooms to pick in the woods in the area... This was probably true, we just seemed to be unable to find those mushrooms, but a lady did bike past us with a basket full of mushrooms, so we are quite sure that there were mushrooms somewhere in the woods, just not where we were calling for them... (yes, we resorted to calling for mushrooms).
We did not leave the woods emtyhanded, we found the total of four gooseberries, a few rasberries, a bunch of uneatble mushrooms, ballons from a wedding the previous week, hazelnuts and a few emty beercans...
Oh, and we found a Persian restuarant and decided we should go back there someday, it seemed really nice.

Ballons that were frm a wedding... not mushrooms
Trying to find the woods
You need a beer to be able to find the mushrooms
Cheers and still not mushrooms
This is how most horror movies starts
Hazelnuts but not mushrooms
We left the woods for some beers... 

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