Sep 8, 2013

Watching rollerderby

I spent the past two days/nights watching WFTDA playoffs - it's awesome. The hard work that's behind every stride, every hit and every single person inspires me! Oh, and Scald scored a 45 point jam - that happened. And London almost beat Denver... Crossing my fingers for tomorrow - for them to go to the Championships be the coolest thing ever!

Taking notes, thinking about what Stockholm can improve, what can we do better? I know we can always be better, but a little more specific.

I enjoy watching rollerderby - but I enjoy playing it even more! I want us all to work hard, to sweat, to know that every exhausting practice will earn us five more points at the next bout. I want to that feeling that my body is almost at the limit, but I can still push it one more centimetre... And then doing it... Just one more push, and one more... GO!

So tonight have not been so much about pushing ourselves, more about overloading on candy, caffeine and playing dress-up between bouts and in halftimes. Good friends and team-mates makes me way to creative... Whoops, the silliness!

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